Interested in launching a new website or blog? You need a domain name first! Read this article and discover how to buy a domain name!


Buying a domain name should be your top priority when starting an online business! Why?

Because the domain name represents your business, brand, and the products and services you are selling. Whether you are launching a personal blog or a business website, you need to buy a suitable domain name first!


Buying the right domain for your online business is a challenging process. A lot of domains are already taken, which means you have to be really creative if you want to come up with the perfect domain for your website or blog.


A lot of people would like to know whether or not the domain name should be the same as your registered business name. People think that because they have registered their business company legally, that their domain needs to be exactly the same. However, this isn’t always the rule you need to follow. If you want to use two different names, no one is going to start legal proceedings against your business because your domain isn’t exactly the same as your company name.


On the other side, a lot of people think that it is for the best if you use your business company name as your domain name. This way you will not confuse your customers, they will know how to locate your online, and you will have better chances of ranking higher on Google.


The point is that you have different options to play with. There is no need to put limits on your creativity. Come up with a few ideas about your domain, make a combination, and see what is going to come up in the end.


Once you will choose a suitable domain name, it is time to pick the domain extension.



Which domain extension is best for you?


There is no right answer here. It all depends on your business needs and personal preference. Check the extensions available and pick the one that goes best with your domain name. As you probably know, one of the most popular ones is the .com extensions, so you can try and see how this extension suits your domain. If you don’t like the combination, you can try different extensions – .net, .org, .uk, .eu, and others.